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Wedding Videography

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Turning Moments into Timeless Memories

Hey there, lovebirds! Your wedding day isn't just a day; it's the beginning of your forever. It's the smiles shared, promises made, and the joy of knowing you've found "the one." But how do you ensure this extraordinary day stands the test of time?

Picture this: A cinematic masterpiece that captures your love story in all its glory. Every glance, every laugh, every heartfelt vow, woven together into a tapestry of memories you'll cherish forever. That's the magic of your love, and it deserves to be celebrated!

The Tale of Two Choices 

In one scenario, your wedding video ends up forgotten, buried beneath old magazines and a tangle of cords. It gathers dust, fading away like yesterday's news. The beautiful moments, once so vivid, become distant echoes.

But in another scenario, you choose a different path. You choose me, your personal storyteller. Together, we turn your wedding day into a masterpiece – a story that you'll watch with teary eyes and joyful hearts, over and over again.

My Promise to You:

I don't just capture moments; we capture the very essence of your love story.  I craft cinematic-style wedding videos that are as unique as your love. I give you a treasure that you'll proudly share with generations to come.

Ready to Make Your Memories Timeless? Let's make your love story legendary. Reach out today, and let's start crafting a wedding video that's not just a keepsake but a testament to your everlasting love.

Choose Forever. Choose Ryan Schimmel.


Jena & Brandon "Words cannot express our gratitude for Ryan and his service. He created our wedding video and it has completely blown us out of the water, better than we ever could have imagined. He captured our day perfectly, we have received endless compliments on our wedding video and it is truly so special to us. Ryan captured all of the first looks, the details, and special moments we can now look back on for our lifetime. Additionally, he worked with us to come up with a package that fit within our budget making it extremely reasonable - especially given his end product. The turnaround time can’t be beat! We highly recommend hiring Ryan to be apart of your special day. Thank you Ryan, from the bottom of our hearts ❤️"

Seif & Shams, "We just had a chance to look through the videos, and we’re absolutely blown away by the quality! The editing is great and the music choices are perfect, and you managed to capture all the important moments wonderfully."

Basma E., "I am honestly so In love with it (highlight video) Your editing style is amazing and you were able to capture every moment to perfect! This is truly amazing!! I seriously can’t wait to share this with all of our friends and family I seriously could not have asked for anyone better to be with me at the ceremony and reception!  I honestly can’t thank you enough or begin to describe how amazing the video turned out, absolutely exceeded all my expectations - I will seriously be forever recommending you to anyone I know that’s getting married!"

Book Your 2024 Wedding with Ryan!

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Basic Coverage Package

My entry level package, but it's far from basic. Leave a lasting impression with an emotional and memorable trailer made of your big day.


-6 hours of video coverage (1 Day)

-1 Camera

- 2/3 minute cinematic highlight video

- 1 minte REEL


(extra charges for travel 20 mins or more outside Halifax, extra charge for all raw data. TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATIONS FOR OUT OF TOWN)

Rings Tied With pink ribbon

Advanced Coverage Package

More coverage, more videos. This package includes:

8 hours of video coverage (1 Day) with 1 Camera

- ~10 min cinematic highlight video

- 2-3 minute teaser trailer

- 1 minute REEL


(extra charges for travel 20 mins or more outside Halifax, extra charges for all raw data.TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATIONS FOR OUT OF TOWN)

Flowers at a wedding table with scenic background

Platinum Package

For the couple who want to relive it all. All the memories, moments, smiles and tears will be cherished with this package. This package includes: 

- 1 camera operator, multiple cameras, Drone Footage when applicable

- 12 hours of coverage (1 day)

-  2/3 minute trailer

- ~10 minute highlight video

- 30/40 minute full ceremony edit

- 3x 1 minute REEL videos


(extra charges for travel 20 mins or more outside Halifax, extra charge for all raw data)


LIVE STREAM............................. $375

Live stream your ceremony for those who are unable to make it. This package/add on includes: 2 camera angles, live stream on Youtube, and a 30/40 minute full ceremony video. 

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Wedding Videos

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